DVC Shop Announces Special Disney Ticket Discount Offer

DVC Shop Disney Ticket Promotion

Guests of DVC Shop can now purchase tickets at a discounted price directly from DVC Shop. Any guests with an existing or new DVC booking through DVC Shop is eligible to receive up to 5% off regularly priced Disney World park tickets. 

Available Discounts

  • 5% off Disney World park tickets of 5 or more days
  • 3.5% off ALL other Disney World park tickets, including Disney World Annual Passes

This special promotion was announced immediately following Disney’s announcement yesterday that Disney park ticket sales would resume today, July 9. After over three months of ticket sales being suspended, Disney Park tickets are finally available to purchase beginning today. 

Disney’s phased park reopening will begin this weekend with the reopening of Disney’s Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom theme parks on July 11, 2020. Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Epcot are scheduled to reopen on July 15, 2020. While thousands of already ticketed guests were able to make reservations for the parks, anyone without a park ticket was unable to secure park reservations. With the restarting of park tickets sales today, any guests will be able to purchase a Disney Park ticket and book a park reservation for a future travel date. 

However, this doesn’t mean guests have to purchase full priced tickets directly from Disney. Instead, any guests who have booked a stay with DVC Shop Rentals can purchase Disney tickets using the discounts outlined above. This special promotion benefits all DVC Shop Rentals customers and can potentially save guests hundreds of dollars on their Disney Vacations. 

Guests interested in purchasing discount tickets from DVC Shop can email DVC Shop Rentals at rentals@dvcshop.com, subject “Discounted Tickets” to reserve their tickets today. For more information about this special promotion visit https://rentals.dvcshop.com/promotions

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Katherine Rand

DVC Shop Editorial Team

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