Does Disney Sell Resale DVC?

Does Disney Sell Resale DVC

Taking family vacations to Disney World is a magical way to spend time with your loved ones. Many families love vacationing to Disney at least once a year to explore the parks, rides, food and relax poolside. However, staying on property at deluxe resorts which often cost over $400 per night can get quite costly. While some families do pay full price for stays at Disney resorts, others have found DVC resale to be a wonderful avenue in which to travel to Disney while saving thousands of dollars. 

But does Disney sell resale DVC? How does someone purchase a DVC resale? Below we’ll explore your options for purchasing a DVC resale contract and how it can help you save significantly on your Disney vacations.

What is DVC?

First some of the basics. Disney Vacation Club is a membership program in which individuals buy a tiny percentage of a DVC resort. The percentage you buy is expressed as points and therefore you essentially buy a number of points at a specific resort. Disney currently owns and operates a total of 15 DVC resorts. As a member of DVC you may use your annual allotment of points to stay at any of the DVC resorts (Riviera excluded if purchasing resale).

Can I Buy Resale From Disney?

Disney does not sell resale DVC contracts for discounted pricing. Disney only sells DVC points directly to individuals at the regular, full prices they have set for each resort. Pricing directly from Disney currently ranges from $110 to $260 per point. While at times Disney does run promotions for certain resorts, these prices reflect the regular pricing when purchasing directly from Disney.

At times, some DVC contracts are returned to Disney due to certain situations. This can happen if a DVC owner upgrades their contract, if the Right of First Refusal is exercised on a sale or if a DVC owner forecloses on their ownership due to nonpayment. In these cases the DVC contract would be returned to Disney and Disney will resell these contracts to other buyers. These types of contracts are not considered resale. They are merely placed back into Disney’s inventory and are sold to new buyers at the regular prices mentioned above.

How Can I Buy A Resale And Save Money?

Buying a DVC resale can save you thousands compared to buying directly from Disney for full price. Purchasing a resale means buying directly from an individual owner who is selling their ownership on the resale market. DVC resale prices are based on seller listings and offers, and are even negotiable. While pricing on the resale market varies, current resale pricing at DVC Shop ranges from $57 to $225 per point, saving you up to 50% on your DVC purchase! See DVC Shop’s current resale listings here.

Keep in mind that when purchasing a DVC contract, whether direct or resale, you will be responsible for annual dues. Annual dues are calculated per point based on your Home Resort and range from $6.56 per point to $10.13 per point. See the 2020 Annual Dues chart here. To calculate your annual dues each year simply multiply your contract’s number of annual points with the dues per point. 

Annual Number of Points x Annual Dues per Point = Total Annual Dues

i.e. 100 points at Copper Creek x $7.45 = $745

Sample Savings

If you decide to purchase DVC and want to save thousands by purchasing a DVC resale, here is an example of how much you will save. 

Purchasing 100 points at Animal Kingdom Villas at Disney’s direct pricing of $176 per point would cost approximately $17,600.

On the resale market however, there are several listings at Animal Kingdom ranging from $101 per point to $112 per point. Let’s say you find the perfect 100 point contract listed for $108 per point. Your purchase price would be 100 x $108 = $10,800 saving you 39% on your purchase!

Buying DVC can be a wonderful way for you and your family to have many years of fantastic Disney vacations for less. Although you now know Disney does not sell resale DVC, choosing to buy a Disney DVC on the resale market is a great way to save even more on your Disney vacations. 

Have questions about purchasing a Disney DVC resale? Feel free to ask your questions in the comments section below or contact one of our friendly DVC resale agents here.

Katherine Rand

DVC Shop Editorial Team

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