runDisney Leaks Point To Disney World Marathon Weekend Returning 1/6/2022

Update: 7/1/2021

As with all leaks, some pan out to be correct, while others end up being flat-out wrong. In this case, it’s a big of both! Disney has now officially announced that runDisney will make an in-person return in November after unveiling 4 new marathons. Read our new article to get the latest information directly from Disney themselves.

It appears that the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend will be making an in-person comeback in 2022! Although Disney has not made an official announcement as of yet, there are screenshots that are currently circulating that show this information on Twitter.

Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend Returning Screenshot
The RunDisney website has since been updated, but the internet never forgets!

The information that was previously up on the runDisney website stated that the Marathon Weekend event will be returning to its normal in-person fun on January 6, 2022 and will go through January 12, 2022. Registration for this event is rumored to open on Tuesday, July 20, at 10 AM eastern time.

Although the information on the runDisney website has since been removed, it seems that an official announcement, with the above information, may be coming soon. Be sure to check back on the DVC Shop blog for updates on the official announcement.

This would be a welcome return for runDisney fans. All runDisney events have been virtual throughout the pandemic, but there is nothing like the in-person events.

What do you think about the possibility of the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend returning in 2022? Are you an avid runDisney fan? Have you done the virtual events this year during the in person hiatus? Let us know in the comments below!

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