Disney World Brings Back Trademark Fireworks

A little more magic has returned to the Walt Disney World parks for the holiday season! On November 25, Disney surprised guests with a small firework show at the Cinderella Castle along with this year’s holiday projections. Disney describes these less as fireworks and more as “pyrotechnic pixie-dust moments”. Whatever they are being classified as they are a welcome addition back to the parks.

Prior to this, Disney had announced that they would be testing fireworks behind Magic Kingdom after park hours, bringing some to speculate that fireworks would return to the parks more quickly than previously thought.

Although they didn’t start when the holiday season began on November 6, the show will be sticking around. The pixie dust magic will accompany the Cinderella Castle projections nightly up until December 30.

Fireworks have certainly been missed by guests who are still visiting the park. The firework shows have been a hallmark of Walt Disney World since the mid 1970’s when Disney introduced nightly firework shows to Magic Kingdom. The fireworks are so unique that Disney even holds patents on their illumination technology and eco-friendly operations. Disney would regularly spend an average of $40,000 per fireworks show. It is no wonder that they are such a phenomenal sight to see.

These smaller illuminations are more low-level than Disney’s typical firework displays. The small blasts go off every 15 minutes and they coincide with the transitions of the projections on Cinderella’s Castle. This differs from the standard Disney fireworks shows which were approximately 20 minutes of constant pyrotechnics.

In true Disney-fashion, they never advertised that they were bringing back any fireworks shows, bringing a fun surprise to add to park-goer’s experience!

Were you able to witness the return of the fireworks? Are they a must have for you to go to the parks? Let us know below in the comments!

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