Disney Announces New Mid-Day Magic Ticket

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There are those of us who love to start our day bright and early to get the most out of our Disney vacations. Then there are those who prefer to take a more laid back approach to their vacations and sleep in, have a relaxing brunch then hit the parks in the afternoon and evening. For those of you who fall into the second category you might be interested in Disney’s new Mid-Day Magic Ticket. 

The Mid-Day Magic Ticket is a new multi-day ticket option that allows guests to enter the parks anytime after 12PM. Your pass allows you entry to any of the four Disney World theme parks and can be purchased for a minimum of two days. You may however only visit 1 park per day. The ticket options are as follows:

  • Two-day ticket from $88 a day, plus tax (from $176 total, plus tax)
  • Three-day ticket from $84 a day, plus tax (from $252 total, plus tax)
  • Four-day ticket from $79 a day, plus tax (from $316 total, plus tax)

Note that the ticket prices vary based on your start date and you can receive even further discounts if you enter the park on days with lower attendance. There are several dates in August and September that have tickets priced as low as $81 per day for two-day tickets, $78 per day for three-day tickets and $74 per day for four-day tickets. Click the following link to view the purchase price calendar for the Disney Mid-Day Magic Tickets

There are a few things to keep in mind when purchasing these special Mid-Day Magic Tickets. 

  • Each ticket option has its own expiration time frame. The two-day ticket expires four days after your first use, the three-day ticket expires five days after your first use and the four-day ticket expires seven days after your first use. 
  • Mid-Day Magic Ticket options are available for purchase now and can be used anytime until December 15, 2019. 
  • Prices are for guests aged 10+. There are no child tickets available.
  • You cannot take advantage of morning Extra Magic Hours with this ticket.
  • Any FastPass+ booked to use before noon will not be valid.

So if you’re looking forward to a relaxed vacation at Disney where you stroll into the parks anytime after noon, just in time a grab lunch, jump on a few rides and catch a nighttime show, you may want to consider purchasing one of the new Mid-Day Magic Tickets. Will you be utilizing Disney’s new Mid-Day Magic Ticket? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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