Characters You Can Expect To See In Disney Hollywood Studios Fantasmic! – 2023 Update

Fantasmic Steamboat

Fantasmic! is one of Disney World’s most elaborate entertainment offerings. This 30 minute nighttime spectacular features character’s from a wide range of Disney films, old and new! When Fantasmic reopened in November 2022, the show included brand new sequences from Aladdin, Mulan, Moana, and Frozen. With so many characters in this show, you are likely to see one of your favorites! Read on to see which characters you can expect to find in Disney Hollywood Studios’ Fantasmic!

Mickey Mouse – Classic Outfit

Fantasmic is a journey through Mickey’s imagination, so of course the boss himself is in the show! Throughout Fantasmic, you will see Mickey appear is a few different outfits starting with his classic outfit.

Mickey Mouse Classic Outfit Fantasmic
Mickey – Classic Outfit. Photo: Emily Murray


The second segment of the show with characters is the Lion King. During this section, you will see lots of animals but the main character is Rafiki.

Raffiki Fantasmic
Rafiki. Photo: Emily Murray.


Next, just around the riverbend, is Pocahontas!

Pocahontas. Photo: Emily Murray.


Following Pocahontas is one of the 2022 additions: Mulan. Mulan is shown training to the tune of “I’ll Make A Man Out Of You”.

Mulan Fantasmic
Mulan. Photo: Emily Murray.


After Mulan is Aladdin. This section, which features the song “One Jump Ahead”, is also new as of 2022.

Aladdin Fantasmic
Aladdin. Photo: Emily Murray.


Next is Elsa, who sings a song from Frozen 2: “Show Yourself”. During this new segment, Elsa also has a quite a magical costume change!

Elsa Fantasmic
Elsa. Photo: Emily Murray.


The final new sequence is Moana. While she sings “How Far I’ll Go”, Moana actually walks out into the water!

Moana Fantasmic
Moana. Photo: Emily Murray.

Belle & The Beast

The next part of the show features 3 classic Disney Princesses as they dance with their princes. The first to appear are Belle and the Beast while “Tale As Old As Time” plays.

Belle and the Beast Fantasmic
Belle & The Beast. Photo: Emily Murray.

Ariel & Prince Eric

Following Belle and the Beast are Ariel and Prince Eric. Ariel sits upon a rock while Eric dances around her to “Part Of You World”.

Ariel Fantasmic
Ariel & Prince Eric. Photo: Emily Murray.

Snow White & Prince Charming

Rounding out the Princess section is the very first Disney princess: Snow White. As she dances with her Prince Charming, “Someday My Prince Will Come” plays.

Snow White and Price Charming Fantasmic
Snow White & Prince Charming. Photo: Emily Murray.

Evil Queen

Snow White’s evil queen appears next and ushers in the show’s villain segment.

Evil Queen Fantasmic
Evil Queen. Photo: Emily Murray.


During the villain part of Fantasmic, Jafar, from Aladdin, shows up in the form of a snake! In this section, you will also see Mickey wearing his signature red shorts.

Jafar Fantasmic
Jafar. Photo: Emily Murray.


The final villain to join the show is Maleficent. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Maleficent appearance without her transforming into a dragon.

Maleficent. Photo: Emily Murray.

Mickey Mouse – Sword In The Stone

To defeat Maleficent, Mickey must be brave and pull a sword from a stone!

Mickey Mouse Fantasmic
Mickey pulls a sword from the stone. Photo: Emily Murray.

Mickey Mouse – Steamboat Willie

Mickey has a quick outfit change before captaining a huge steamboat with the show’s main characters, plus some other favorites!

Mickey Mouse Fantasmic
Mickey as Steamboat Wille. Photo: Emily Murray.

Steamboat Characters

Aboard Mickey’s boat, you will see the characters that have been featured throughout the show along with a few others.

You may see characters like the 7 Dwarfs and Stitch on the steamboat. Photo: Emily Murray.

Sorcerer Mickey

The final act of Fantasmic begins with Sorcerer Mickey high above the crowd, atop the Fantasmic mountain. From this point, Mickey performs one of the most magical moments of the show!

Sorcerer Mickey. Photo: Emily Murray.
Sorcerer Mickey. Photo: Emily Murray.

Who is your favorite character to see in Fantasmic? Let us know in the comments!

Featured Photo: Emily Murray.

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Emily Murray

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For as long as Emily can remember, Disney has played a huge role in her life. Her infatuation with Disney resulted in many hours spent rewatching Toy Story and creating multiple powerpoints to convince her parents to book yet another vacation to the “Most Magical Place on Earth”. In 2015, Emily followed one of her dreams and moved to Orlando, Florida where she spent just over five years working for the mouse in three separate roles. Emily is passionate about writing and using words creatively and concisely. She loves to make others laugh and hopes to sprinkle a little bit of magic into everything she does.

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