Bonus Park Reservations for Annual Passholders Announced Prior to “Good-to-Go” Days

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Walt Disney World Resort has announced an exclusive benefit for Annual Passholders before the anticipated switch to the ‘Good-to-Go Days’ system in 2024. As part of the perks that come with an annual pass, Disney has released a list of Bonus Reservation Dates at the beginning of the new year.

Details on the Bonus Reservation Dates

These Bonus Reservation dates permit Annual Passholders to make additional park reservations that do not count towards their pass’s maximum limit. The bonus reservation opportunities are as follows:

The Transition to Good-to-Go Days System

The Good-to-Go system, set to commence on January 11th at Walt Disney World for Annual Passholders, is a new initiative that will provide specific dates when passholders do not need to make a park reservation. This implies that the recently announced Bonus Reservation Dates could potentially be the final ones under the previous branding of “Bonus Reservations”.

Understanding the New Program

In 2024, passholders will still be required to make reservations for many of their Disney World visits, but there will be certain dates that will be designated as Good to Go Days, where passholders will not need a reservation. The specific dates will be announced as the year unfolds. The first date will be January 11th, but we will keep you up-to-date on when more dates are announced.

If an annual passholder already has a reservation for a date that later becomes a “Good to Go” day, that reservation will no longer count toward their total reservation limit.

This new program is slightly different when compared to Bonus Reservations, as previously the passholder would still need a Park Pass reservation. Now, no reservation is required for any date designated as “Good to Go” day.

Also, starting back in April of this year, annual passholders were allowed to enter the Walt Disney World theme parks after 2:00pm without needing a Park Pass reservation – except for Magic Kingdom on Saturdays and Sundays.

Park Pass Reservation Limits By Annual Pass Tier


5 reservations at a time



5 reservations at a time



4 reservations at a time



3 reservations at a time


Wrapping Up

As we approach the end of 2023, Disney World’s Good to Go Days reservation system offers a new way for passholders to enjoy the Walt Disney World theme parks. Check back on the DVC Shop blog for more information on what specific calendar dates are announced to be “Good to Go” days.

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