Baby Mandrill Born, Newest Addition At Animal Kingdom

Baby Mandrill - Animal Kingdom's Newest Addition

A new addition has joined the safari as Disney announces that a baby mandrill was born at Animal Kingdom. The new mandrill is a girl and was born weighing a little over a pound on April 10. Disney released this statement in regards to the baby primate:

In the spirit of the mystical mandrill Rafiki, join us in honoring the circle of life as we celebrate the arrival of this adorable newborn

– Disney Animal Kingdom Theme Park Officials

Guests who are visiting Disney’s Animal Kingdom will be able to spot baby Ivy and her mom on the Kilimanjaro Safari. Guests may notice that Ivy is clinging tightly to her mother’s chest. This is a way that mother and baby mandrill bond. In just a few weeks time Ivy will be able to walk on her own, but her mom will still stay close for the next while. 

The little girl was born on Saturday, April 10, to first-time mom Hazel and dad Linus. Cast members named the infant Ivy to fit in with the rest of her colorful family.

– Olive, Scarlett, Snow, and Hazel

Ivy is a special addition to the mandrill group at Animal Kingdom. She is the result of Disney’s close working relationship with the Association of Zoos and Aquariums on Species Survival Plans. Mandrills are vulnerable due to poaching and deforestation so every protected birth helps the species to thrive.

The mandrill group at Animal Kingdom is made up of four generations, similar to how they grow and live in the wild. They engage in social bonding behaviors like baby carrying, grooming, and playing. They are the largest monkey on the planet and quite a colorful and beautiful sight to see.

Have you spotted the baby mandrill at Animal Kingdom yet? What is your favorite animal to see on the Kilimanjaro Safari? Let us know below.

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