Avengers Vault Retail Location Coming To Avengers Campus Mid-September

Avengers Vault

Disney recently announced that Avengers Vault, the new retail location at Avengers Campus, is scheduled to open in mid-September. This information was shared via Twitter, and it’s expected that more details will be revealed soon. The merchandise on offer at this store will include items such as the Infinity Gauntlet, Iron Man Gauntlet with Infinity Stones, the Tesseract, and the Eye of Agamotto, among others.

In preparation for this new opening, The Super Store, currently featuring Avengers Campus in Hollywood Land at Disney California Adventure Park, is set to close its doors on September 14, 2023.

Retail Locations In Avengers Campus

WEB Suppliers in Avengers Campus
WEB Suppliers in Avengers Campus

Additionally, there’s WEB Suppliers, which is the only true shop found inside Avengers Campus. This store offers unique items that cater to Spider-Man fans and more.

The Collector’s Warehouse is another shopping spot worth mentioning. It serves as the Guardians of the Galaxy store and is a great place for fans of the franchise.

Apart from these indoor retail shops, there is also the Campus Supply Pod which is an outdoor kiosk merchandise location.

Stay Tuned

Park guests can look forward to one additional retail location opening in September inside Avengers Campus. Stay tuned to the DVC Shop blog, more updates about this new retail location are anticipated in the near future.

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