All Signs Point To Disney Vacation Club Introducing Trust Timeshare Product

Disney Vacation Club Sign at Saratoga Springs

Disney Vacation Club , known for its luxurious and innovative vacation experiences, has recently established a non-profit corporation named Palmetto Trust Association, Inc. This move, registered in the State of Florida, signifies DVC’s intention to expand their timeshare options. With this new Trust product, buyers would have the chance to be part of a multi-resort Trust instead of buying a deeded ownership linked to just one resort. This article delves into the potential advantages and possible disadvantages of this novel ownership option.

Exploring the Perks of a Trust

The introduction of a Trust product could present several appealing advantages for DVC buyers.

11-Month Booking Windows At Multiple Resorts

The most significant advantage would be the extended 11-month booking access across multiple resorts, which would give Trust members enhanced flexibility in selecting their holiday destinations.

Using Unsold Inventory

Moreover, a Trust could provide a solution for resorts like Disney’s Hilton Head Island Resort and Disney’s Vero Beach Resort that have had difficulties selling points in the past. Including these resorts in the Trust would allow DVC to promote them as part of the overall package without necessarily having to sell points directly associated with these locations.

Possibly More Non-Park Destinations

Furthermore, this Trust model could potentially lead to the addition of more non-park destinations, giving buyers the opportunity to visit new locations without the need to sell points related to those facilities.

Contract Expiration

Finally, the Trust could also help manage the issue of extended contracts at Disney’s Old Key West Resort by rolling these contracts into the Trust and offering them for sale along with corresponding availability.

Weighing the Possible Drawbacks of a Trust

While the Trust product promises numerous benefits, it’s important to consider possible drawbacks as well.


A key concern is the potential impact on villa availability. If a portion of a resort is incorporated into the Trust, all Trustees would have the privilege of accessing those rooms at 11 months, leading to increased competition for these high-demand accommodations.

Buyer Confusion

Moreover, introducing a Trust could lead to some confusion among buyers who would need to comprehend the differences between the Trust and traditional deeded ownership options. To avoid any misunderstanding, it is crucial for DVC to clearly articulate the benefits and limitations of each option.

In Conclusion

Although Disney Vacation Club has yet to officially announce plans for a Trust product, the formation of Palmetto Trust Association, Inc indicates that they are considering this new form of ownership. A Trust product could provide DVC buyers with increased flexibility and access to multiple resorts, while also addressing the challenges associated with selling points at certain locations.

However, DVC needs to carefully consider the impact on villa availability and ensure clear communication with buyers to prevent any confusion. As more details emerge, it will be fascinating to see how DVC designs and implements this innovative Trust product.

Stay tuned to the DVC Shop blog for all the latest developments for Disney fans, whether that’s what’s happening in the Disney theme parks or around Disney Vacation Club resorts!

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