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Aerophile at Disney Springs offers an unforgettable, serene balloon ride. Soar 400 feet above Walt Disney World, experiencing panoramic views and capturing the magic from a unique perspective.

Aerophile Details

Walt Disney World Location Disney Springs
Location in Disney Springs West Side
Height Restrictions Any Height
Age Interests All Ages
Thrill Type Slow Rides
Hours 9:30 AM – 11:00 PM
Wait Times Reservation Only
Lightning Lane No
Accessibility Information Must Transfer to Wheelchair

Ticket Prices

Adults (10+)

$29.99 / person

Kids (3-19)

$24.99 / person

Tickets can be purchased at the attraction location on a first-come, first-served basis.

Attraction Overview

The Aerophile is an impressive tethered helium balloon that takes guests 400 feet above Disney Springs. The flight lasts approximately 8 minutes and provides a 360-degree view of the sprawling Walt Disney World Resort and beyond. On a clear day, you can see up to 10 miles away!

This balloon flight is not your typical hot air balloon ride. It’s a silent and smooth journey into the sky, providing a peaceful and serene experience. The balloon itself is a marvel to behold. Measuring 19 feet in diameter and filled with 210,000 cubic feet of helium, it’s one of the largest tethered helium balloons in the world.

The gondola, or passenger compartment, is large enough to accommodate up to 29 passengers and a pilot. The open-air design allows for unobstructed views in all directions. It’s an ideal way to take stunning photographs or simply enjoy the breathtaking view.


Where to find Aerophile at Disney Springs
Where to find Aerophile at Disney Springs

Location & Wait Times

The Aerophile is located in the West Side area of Disney Springs, near the Starbucks and the AMC Dine-In Theatres. It operates daily, weather permitting. Flights are available from 9:30 AM until 11 PM.

Wait times can vary greatly depending on the time of day and the season. Generally, the wait times are shortest in the mornings and late evenings. During peak times such as holidays and weekends, wait times can be longer.

Queue Experience

While waiting to board the Aerophile, guests are kept entertained with fascinating facts about the balloon and its operation. The loading area is open and spacious, allowing guests to watch the balloon as it ascends and descends.

Once it’s your turn to board, a team member will guide you into the gondola. The boarding process is smooth and efficient, ensuring that all guests are safely aboard before the flight begins.

In conclusion, the Aerophile at Disney Springs offers a unique and memorable experience for visitors of all ages. Whether you’re a thrill-seeker or just looking for a unique perspective on the Walt Disney World Resort, the Aerophile is a must-try attraction.

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