Winner Of The DVC Shop Act of Kindness Giveaway Announced

The past year has been difficult for many families around the US and the rest of the world due to the COVID-19 pandemic. DVC Shop wanted to honor those families who went out of their way to perform a random act of kindness and spread a bit of joy in their communities when it was needed most. Thank you to all the families that submitted their story to our Act of Kindness Giveaway! Of the participants that entered the contest we’ve selected a winner at random.

The winner of this year’s Act of Kindness Giveaway and a $250 DVC Shop Voucher is:

Greg Batts and Family

The Batts’ Story

Greg Batts entered his son into the competition for the wonderful Act of Kindness he performed in their community. Instead of sitting home day in and day out during the COVID-19 pandemic, Greg’s 8-year-old son suggested that the Batts family head outside to pick up garbage along the road near their home. The entire Batts family participated and picked up 4 bags full of garbage.

Thank you Batts family for going out of your way to perform an Act of Kindness in your community during this difficult time. And a special thanks to Greg’s son for thinking of such a great way to help his community.

Other Featured Entries

In addition to the Batts Family we received many other wonderful submissions and stories from our visitors.

The Braun Family

We’d love to honor the 4- and 6-year-old Braun children for their wonderful Act of Kindness. The Brauns saw a need in their community and decided to do something about it. Their school had a theme of “Feeding Hope” and the Brauns took this idea and ran with it. The Braun children drew Disney-themed pictures and sold them to neighbors and friends for donations.

They raised a whopping $570 which was then given to a local teacher who delivers food to 55 families in his town.

Thank you Braun family for helping put food on the table for so many families!

The Martins

The Martin children wanted to spread joy to their aunt, who is a nurse, and her fellow co-workers. As we know, many front-line workers have been unable to spend time with their families in fear of possibly spreading the coronavirus. Since their aunt was unable to see her grandchildren, the Martin children decided to spend some of their homeschool time to make a poster for their aunt and all the nurses at her hospital to show them how much they are appreciated.

Thank you Martins for spreading a bit of joy to those who are spending their days keeping us safe and healthy.

Thank you again to all the participants in this year’s DVC Shop Act of Kindness Giveaway. The team at DVC Shop is touched by each of these lovely stories and inspired by how these children took action to better their communities.

For more giveaways and contests, be sure to visit our DVC Shop Promotions page.

Katherine Rand

DVC Shop Editorial Team

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