Why Not Try A Disney Water Park?

Looking for a fun way to cool off during your day away from the parks?

I couldn’t recommend one of Disney’s water parks, Typhoon Lagoon or Blizzard Beach, more! Both of these refreshing parks are located on Disney property, so they are just a bus ride away. A trip to a water park is always a must do for my family, as we love mixing it up from the normal parks and most attractions in the water parks can be completed in one day!

Both parks are very fun, but offer different theming and attractions. Disney legend has it that a typhoon hit a tropical paradise, leaving surf boards, ships, and other island items scattered around the island, creating Typhoon Lagoon! Typhoon Lagoon is a great for families with those looking to sunbathe and also for those looking for a thrill! Typhoon Lagoon is home to North America’s largest wave pool! The waves are big enough to surf on, and you actually can! Disney offers “Learn to Surf like a Pro” various mornings before park opening costing around $190 per person. Despite the high cost, Typhoon Lagoon’s “Learn to Surf like a Pro” is a great experience and worth doing once!

Typhoon Lagoon also offers various body slides, like Humunga Kowabunga, which is an enclosed body slide on the more intense side. Humunga Kowabunga is definitely a thrill ride, as you slide 214 feet at a 60 degree angle in the dark! Typhoon has less intense slides as well, like my favorites the Storm Slides. These body slides are not enclosed and wind down 3 stories. A trip to Typhoon wouldn’t be complete without riding Crush ‘n’ Gusher! Crush ‘n’ Gusher is a water raft ride like no other because it is a water-coaster! These water coasters offer 3 different slides to choose from and can be ridden in 2 or 3 person rafts.This ride is a must do for anyone who loves water slides! The little ones can have a great time too, because Typhoon Lagoon offers two family raft rides- Gangplank Falls and the new Miss Adventure Falls, as well as Ketchakiddie Creek, the water playground for those under 4 feet tall featuring size appropriate slides and attractions.

Maybe you are looking for a more relaxing day?

Typhoon Lagoon is a good selection because this water park has many different sandy areas to find a chair and kick back and relax. Or try floating along Castaway Creek, Typhoon Lagoon’s 2,000 foot long lazy river! Blizzard Beach is the opposite of an Island paradise! According to this Disney legend, a snow storm hit Florida right out of the blue, creating Blizzard Beach. This park is set to be a ski lodge with the snow melting away. This water park has a less intense wave pool than Typhoon Lagoon, but it features Mount Gushmore, which is home to one of the tallest and fastest water slides in the world-Summit Plummit! When they say this slide is fast, they mean it- it is over before you know it! Also, if you ride this slide, make sure your bathing suit top is secure or it might just go flying off!

Maybe you want a body slide that isn’t as intense as Summit Plummit, but still fast and fun?

Slush Gusher is a great option as it is a 90 foot fast paced slide! Blizzard Beach also offers a variety of tube slides, my favorites being Runoff Rapids. These inner-tube slides feature 3 options, 2 being open and the middle slide being enclosed and dark. Downhill Double Dipper is also a popular inner tube slide! This is an open slide where you have the chance to race against another person head to head down the 50 foot double drop! Blizzard Beach offers 2 toboggan style mat attractions, which are personal favorites of mine! They offer Toboggan Racers, where you race 8 others down hill, and the Snow Stormers, which offer 3 different winding slides.

There are family attractions here as well…

Such as Teamboat Springs, the family raft ride, Cross Country Creek, the lazy river, and Ski Patrol Training, my personal favorite when I was young! At Ski Patrol Training kids can walk across ice floats, zip line into the water, and so much more! Tike’s Peak is a kids water fun area available for those under 48 inches! Blizzard Beach is also in close proximity to one of my favorite best kept Disney secrets- Summer Winterland Mini Golf! A trip to Blizzard Beach wouldn’t be complete for my family without heading over to this mini golf, which is located just outside of the Blizzard Beach entrance. This mini golf offers two different 18 hole courses, the summer side and the winter side, where you will encounter Santa and his Elves along the courses. Both water parks offer their own fun and theme as well as a variety of different quick service options and even bars, for those ages 21 and over!

While I love both water parks, I would not recommend a water park for a person who struggles with stairs, as you will encounter many! I enjoy both parks for different reasons and different rides. When looking for a more laid back and relaxed trip I tend to favor Typhoon Lagoon, as there seem to be more areas to lounge and relax. When looking for a trip where I want to do slides, I favor Blizzard Beach, as they have some of my favorite rides. While I only highlighted my favorite attractions from each park, both parks offer so much water fun perfect for a hot Florida Day!

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