Walt Disney World for Empty Nesters

What do you do when your children are grown and you still want to go to Disney? You enjoy things you never had time to do before! We spent plenty of time at Disney when our children, now 20 and 21 years old, were young. We stayed at Fort Wilderness, All Star Resorts, Port Orleans, etc. It wasn’t until our children were in their late teens that we were smart enough to realize the awesome value in DVC. Now, our children are busy with either school and work and we often go to Disney as a couple.

Sad, some may think, but it has actually opened up a part of Disney that we did not know before. Gone are the days of rope dropping to get on the best rides, and playing until after the Kiss Goodnight is done at Magic Kingdom. Well, we actually close down the parks more now, but not in an effort to ride every last ride, but because it is more our pace.

What do adults do at Disney with no children? How can they possibly enjoy the resorts and theme parks? We do whatever we want to do! We have the opportunity to truly enjoy the magic of the resorts. Walt Disney World is so much more than theme parks and hotels. We sleep in. We enjoy our coffee on the balcony of the DVC resort rooms. We take leisurely strolls to the parks or ride the boats or monorail. Getting to the parks can be half the fun. We RELAX. We enjoy the world class dining. We frequent the lounges inside the parks and at the resorts. The monorail crawl is our favorite. Grab a Lapu Lapu at the Polynesian and stroll along the beach to the Grand Floridian. Go inside and listen to the band, hop up to Mizner’s and grab another drink. And then we just sit and enjoy the band. Next is the lounge at the Contemporary Resort. The Nomad Lounge at the Animal Kingdom and the Brown Derby lounge at Hollywood Studios are on our “must-do” list for every trip. The Sanaa Lounge at Animal Kingdom Lodge is also on our must do list for drinks and the famous bread service. What adult wouldn’t love access to all the lounges with FREE transportation?

Don’t forget the magic of children’s laughter. Despite what the previous paragraph may elude to, we are not alcoholics and don’t become inebriated at the parks. Walt created the parks for families after all. Alcohol is not our main priority just an added benefit of being care free sans children to care for at Disney. However, we do still enjoy watching and listening to the children. Don’t like waiting in lines? We don’t mind. There is always entertainment, and sometimes the guests are the actual entertainment. We did our time, raised our children and we still love to see the little ones and the young families bringing up their children in the Disney way. As an adult friend said to me recently after visiting for her first time, “I can really see why you love it so much. It’s like being on another planet where all of your worries just go away.” For those of us who love Disney, we know this is so true.

Guest Author

Melinda Smith

DVC Disney Vacation Club Members facebook group member

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