Updated DVC Member’s Website Now Uses Disney’s Unified Login


Disney Vacation Club (DVC) has recently updated their members-only website to include a unified login system. This means that DVC owners will now see a new login box when they visit the Disney Vacation Club site and other Disney websites.

The Walt Disney Family of Companies

This update is part of an effort to streamline the user experience across all Disney platforms. If you’re experiencing issues with your account, you can manage your password and login information in one place, and this will update your login credentials across The Walt Disney Family of Companies.

The login is now featured on a number of websites including:

  • DisneyVacationClub.com / DVCMember.com
  • MyDisneyExperience.com
  • Disneyland.com
  • DisneyCruiseLine.com
  • ESPN.com
  • StarWars.com

The New Login Experience


In the newly updated login process, members are initially prompted to input their registered email address. After entering this information, they must proceed by clicking on the ‘Continue’ button. Following this first step, a second login box will appear on their screens. This is where members need to securely enter their password associated with the account. By streamlining the login into these two simple steps, Disney Vacation Club ensures an easy and secure access for its members to their accounts.

Stay Informed!

Also, be sure to keep an eye on the DVC Shop blog for the latest updates and developments about Disney Vacation Club. We are committed to providing you with the most current news and insights to enhance your DVC experience. So be sure to check back often to stay informed!

Written by

Rachel Van Norman

Contributing Writer

Rachel fell deeply in love with all things Disney as a little girl. Now as a wife and a mother herself, she shares this Disney obsession with her son and everyone around her. From her love of princesses to eating all the Disney food, Rachel spends her time radiating Disney magic and keeping everyone up to date on Disney news.

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