Tips For Adding More DVC Points To A Small Contract

adding more DVC points to small contract

You had good intentions, buy a small DVC contract and take one nice vacation to Disney each year, only to quickly realize that you want to travel more than you originally intended. Don’t feel bad. Disney has a magical way of bringing out the kid in all of us and unleashing our inner joy, which is an easily addictive feeling. So what do you do when you’re yearning to take another vacation but you’re out of points? Here are a few tips for adding more DVC points to a small contract.

Tip 1: Choose the Best Home Resort

When you’re adding points to an existing contract, consider your current Home Resort and how adding a contract at the same or a different Home Resort might affect your future bookings. Choosing the same Home Resort will allow you to combine all your points and book reservations 11 months in advance. 

Or if you’ve dreamed of owning a different Home Resort, here’s your chance to add on a contract at another location. If you own two different Home Resorts and you’re interested in combining your points for one booking you will need to wait until the 7-month booking window to make your reservation. 

The Split Stay Trick

If you opt to purchase different Home Resorts, don’t forget about the Split Stay Trick which will allow you to keep your 11-month booking advantage for one vacation. A Split Stay is when you book back to back reservations at different DVC resorts. Therefore, instead of waiting until 7 months in advance to book your vacation, book back to back reservations at your respective Home Resorts 11 months in advance.

Tip 2: Use Year Matters

When purchasing an additional contract you’ll need to choose your Home Resort and Use Year. If you choose to purchase a contract that has a different Use Year than your original contract you will be given a second membership number. While this may seem frustrating to manage, many owners enjoy the benefits that come with owning two different Use Years. For more information check out our article on Owning Multiple Use Years at this link. Alternatively, if you stick with the same Use Year, your new contract will be added to your current membership. 

Tip 3: Buy Resale And Get Exactly What You Want

If you’re looking to add points to an existing contract consider purchasing on the resale market where you’ll have the opportunity to choose from hundreds of available contracts at every DVC resort, even those that are “sold out” from Disney’s sales centers. Purchasing resale will also allow you to purchase any size contract you’d like with no point minimums. Shop DVC Shop resale listings at the following link.

If you find your DVC point availability to be a source of frustration each year and you’re in a constant battle of borrowing and banking, consider the tips above for adding more DVC points to your small contract. 

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