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Entrance to the Barnstormer at Disney World

Take off in a homemade airplane with The Great Goofini in Storybook Circus.

The Barnstormer Details

Walt Disney World Park Magic Kingdom
Location in Park Fantasyland 
Height Restrictions 35 inches or taller
Age Interests Kids, Preschoolers
Thrill Type Small Drops
Hours 9:00 AM to 11:00 PM
Wait Times Low
FastPass+ Yes
Accessibility Information Must Transfer From Wheelchair/ECV

Ride Overview

The Barnstormer is the perfect first rollercoaster for little ones in Disney World. It officially opened in 1996 as the Barnstormer at Goofy’s Wiseacre Farm, but was refurbished and renamed The Barnstormer featuring the Great Goofini in 2011.

The Barnstormer Rollercoaster at Disney World
The Barnstormer is a kid-friendly airplane themed rollercoaster hosted by The Great Goofini.

Guests will board the airline “trains” and take off in the most goofy fashion. The airplane will bank around corners and hit a height of 30 feet off the ground and a top speed of 25 miles per hour. The ride lasts only one minute, so it is short, but still a lot of fun.

Due to the length of time of this attraction and the not too intense nature of the speed and drops, this ride is considered a “junior rollercoaster”. This is the perfect attraction for those looking for a little thrill without too much intensity. Guests as short as 35 inches are able ride it as well. For all these reasons, the Barnstormer is also the perfect ride for young children who are just starting to try out rollercoasters.


Barnstormer location map Disney World
The Barnstormer is located in Fantasyland adjacent to Dumbo the Flying Elephant.

Location & Wait Times

The Barnstormer is located in the top right of Magic Kingdom. Guests will enter Storybook Circus and pass the Dumbo ride to enter the queue for this attraction.

The Barnstormer entrance - Disney World
The Barnstormer is located in Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom.

Wait times for this attraction are usually low. This is a good one to hit in the middle of the day, not only because the reasonably low mid day wait times, but also because of its tucked away location. Being located near the back of Magic Kingdom means that guests will pass other attractions on their way that usually have higher wait times. The Great Goofini is happy to save the best for last.

Queue Experience

To get to this attractions guests will go through an adorably decorated queue. The line is covered with circus flags and brightly colored targets. There are crashed planes from flubbed flight attempts as well as the Great Goofini’s cannon ready to send guests flying at the strike of a match.

The queue at the Barnstormer in Disney World
Kids will love the queue at the Barnstormer as they wait for their first rollercoaster experience.

The entirety of the line is covered in farm style fencing that keeps the line organized and also completes the rustic barn vibe. When guests get through to the front of the line, they enter the area where they will board the airplane. This area is also decorated to look like a barn.

The Barnstormer queue is not as immersive as some others in Fantasyland, however the whole feel of the queue is very cute and fun. Kids will love spotting all the little touches while they wait.

There are also fans positioned throughout the queue that provide a nice breeze on a warm day. Further making this attraction a great choice for an afternoon stop while visiting Disney’s Magic Kingdom.

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