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Hi, my name is Alaina Helsinger. I am 14 and my favorite place to stay is the Boulder Ridge Villas at the Wilderness Lodge. I absolutely love the designs in the Wilderness Lodge lobby, it always takes my breath away, even though I have been there twice. I love the totem poles. The designs are so intricate. I like the pools and the waterfall outside and looking at the lake with all the boats on it is so cool.

My favorite park is the Magic Kingdom. I love the castle. Every time we watch the fireworks at night, I cry! I also got to go into the castle and eat with some of the princesses and I loved the food they had there. I don’t have a favorite ride, but I LOVE the mountains!

My least favorite ride is the Tower of Terror. When I was riding that ride, I accidentally bit my Mom, as we were dropping, on the shoulder. Also, the kid sitting next to me was scared just like me. So, his dad had his arm around him, and, as we were dropping, I put my head down, but accidentally held his dad’s hand.

I also rode Rock N’ Roller Coaster. I cried before we rode that one, but I had the time of my life as the ride went on. I met Mickey and Goofy at a selective VISA meet and greet. One day when we were in the Magic Kingdom, it poured on us and I mean poured! It was super hot and the rain cooled it down a lot.

Pandora in Animal Kingdom is absolutely breathtaking! All of the colors and the sounds! I love Flight of Passage! I liked that you could feel the banshee breathing. It was a little like Soarin’ and I think it had smells. I loved the queue! It was one of the most creative queues I have ever seen and Disney has some creative queues!

I can’t believe they are re-doing some things in Epcot! I liked the Coca Cola place, but they always have the most exotic flavors. This past time that we went, we had soda from South Africa! I had to spit some back into my cup! My Mom said my face was the best part! I really enjoyed the Illuminations and I am sad they got rid of it.

We also got to meet Kylo Ren, and I’m not going to lie, he was really scary! My Dad was wearing a Yoda shirt and Kylo yelled at him for it! I can’t believe they are ending the Star Wars saga for the moment.

I really love the Confectionary! The jumbo Mickey Mouse cookies are the bomb, and the cupcakes are to die for! I started pin trading this past time. I really am addicted to it! A cast member at one of the resorts we stopped at gave me a starter pack for free! That was really sweet of her and she easily became my favorite cast member ever.

On our second to last day, my parents surprised us all with a private boat ride to watch Happily Ever After! Best surprise and parents ever! It was amazing! All of these things are my favorite memories at Disney World.

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Alaina Helsinger

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