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Donald PhilharMagic

Put on a pair of opera glasses for this 3D show at Magic Kingdom led by Maestro Mickey, Donald, and the PhilharMagic Orchestra.

Mickey’s PhilharMagic Details

Walt Disney World Park Magic Kingdom Park
Location in Park Fantasyland
Height Restrictions Any Height
Age Interests All Ages
Thrill Type 3D Show
Hours 9:00 AM to 11:00 PM
Wait Times Low wait times
Genie+ Yes
Accessibility Information May remain in Wheelchair/ECV, audio description, handheld captioning, assistive listening
Mickey's PhilharMagic
Mickey’s PhilharMagic is one of the few attractions that was created through a collaboration of Imagineering and Walt Disney Animation Studios.

Attraction Overview

Mickey’s PhilharMagic is a 12 minute long 3D show that immerses you in the magic of Disney music. With the help of some yellow opera glasses and a 150-foot, 180-degree seamless wraparound screen, you will truly feel like you have been dropped into a Disney movie. Children are sure to be enchanted by the show’s in-house effects, such as water splashes, bubbles, and scents.

While Mickey’s PhilharMagic features classic and new Disney characters, the biggest player in this show is Mickey’s Sorcerer Hat. The show beings with Donald Duck finding and putting on this hat. Donald tries to use the hat to lead the PhilharMagic Orchestra when he magically sent into a dream world of Disney animation and music.

This animated 3D experience features songs from classic Disney films like Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King, Peter Pan, Aladdin, and The Little Mermaid. Recently, Mickey’s PhilharMagic was updated to include a brand new scene. “Un Poco Loco” from Pixar’s Coco is now part of the show.


Mickey's PhilharMagic on Magic Kingdom Map

Location & Wait Times

Mickey’s PhilharMagic is in Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom. This attraction sits behind Cinderella Castle and next to Peter Pan’s Flight. The wait time for Mickey’s PhilharMagic is typically around the length of show. This means you usually won’t wait much longer than about 15 minutes. When the park is busier, wait times may be a little bit longer but not normally more than 25 minutes.

Mickey's PhilharMagic
Maestro Mickey and his Sorcerer’s Hat can be found atop the the Mickey’s PhilharMagic building.

Queue Experience

The line for this ride has two parts: the main queue area and the lobby. When you enter the attraction’s line, you will walk through two large open doors where you will see a the image of Maestro Mickey and his sorcerer’s hat. As you weave through the queue area, you will see that walls are covered with posters of productions that were formerly performed at this concert hall. The posters feature characters like Hades, Ariel, Genie, Wheezy, and The Three Caballeros.

Once in the theater’s lobby, you will pick up your opera glasses which will help immerse you in the 3D effects of Mickey’s PhilharMagic. While you wait for the Concert Hall’s doors to open “automagically”, you will hear the scores from the Fantasia films along with other Disney animated movies.

Mickey PhilharMagic's Entrance
Enter the doors to Mickey’s PhilharMagic’s queue area and begin your journey into the dreams and magic of Disney animation.

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One comment on “Mickey’s PhilharMagic Overview | Disney’s Magic Kingdom Attractions

  1. Okay, this attraction is magical for my family. On our very first visit, a sweet stranger handed me jewels and said that I needed to drop them in my children’s hand when Ariel came onto the screen. We did, secretly, and my kids were enchanted. Every time we went, I had to remember to pack jewels and be sneaky enough to get them in their laps at the right moment. I may have done too good a job because I had to come clean when my daughter was 18 and she would NOT believe that it wasn’t Disney magic that floated down a jewel directly to her every single visit. (She’s now 22 and I don’t think she believes that it’s not Disney yet!) So looking forward to doing this with grandbabies!!!

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