Ka Maka Pool At Disney’s Aulani Resort: Closing For Refurbishment In October


Disney’s Aulani Resort, located in the heart of Hawaii, is a dream destination for many families worldwide. Amongst its many fantastic amenities, the Ka Maka pool has always been a standout attraction. However, visitors planning their vacation during October need to be aware of an important update. The Ka Maka pool will be temporarily closed for refurbishment.

Ka Maka Pool Refurbishment Dates


October 9th, 2023


October 28th, 2023

The Ka Maka Pool and Grotto, along with the accompanying Ka Maka whirlpool spa, will be closed starting October 9th with a reopening date of October 28th, 2023.

Refurbishment Details

Disney consistently strives to maintain the highest quality standards for its guests. The upcoming refurbishment is just a part of this keeping this commitment. While the exact details of the refurbishment have not been disclosed, it is expected to include general maintenance and possible aesthetic enhancements.

Alternative Pools At Disney’s Aulani Resort

The closure of the Ka Maka pool may inconvenience some visitors planning to stay at this resort in October. However, the Aulani Resort is home to several other pools that guests can enjoy.

Waikolohe Pool

Waikolohe Pool

The Waikolohe Pool is a paradise for water-lovers of all ages, making it a fantastic alternative. As the largest pool in the resort, spanning 8,200 square feet, it offers a variety of enticing features for every member of the family. The zero-entry design makes it accessible for everyone, and its temperature stays comfortably between 82 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the year.

Thrill-seekers can enjoy an adrenaline rush on the Volcanic Vertical body slide, while those looking for relaxation can unwind in the nearby whirlpool spa. The pool is part of the larger Waikolohe Valley, which features multiple water slides, pools, and aquatic activities.

Menehune Bridge

Menehune Bridge

The Menehune Bridge is an aquatic playground designed especially for children. Named after the “little people” of ancient Hawaiian legend, this interactive water play area is full of surprises and fun-filled activities. The bridge features two slides, climbing structures, water jets, and a play structure that’s perfect for imaginative play.

One of the highlights is the ‘dump bucket’ that spills water at unexpected intervals, providing delightful splashes and giggles. With its engaging features and kid-friendly design, Menehune Bridge provides endless fun and entertainment for the resort’s younger guests.

Wailana Pool

Wailana Pool

For those seeking tranquillity, the adult-only Wailana Pool is the perfect oasis. This pool is an inviting spot for guests to swim, unwind, and enjoy some refreshments. The area is beautifully designed with a rock wall, water features, and swaying palm trees that enhance its tranquil ambiance. Whether you’re looking to escape the hustle and bustle or seeking a refreshing dip, the Wailana Pool provides a picturesque retreat.

While the temporary closure of the Ka Maka pool may be disappointing for some, the refurbishment will last for just a few short weeks, and there are plenty of amazing alternatives to enjoy on your visit!

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