Jungle Cruise at Magic Kingdom Set for Late Summer Refurbishment

Jungle Cruise

Update: 7/12/24

Walt Disney World has refined their projections for the time Jungle Cruise will be closed, and it seems the attraction will be closed longer than initially expected. The anticipated return date for Jungle Cruise is now closer to November of 2024, but the exact date has not been announced as of yet.

Walt Disney World enthusiasts will soon see changes to one of the park’s beloved attractions. The Jungle Cruise at Magic Kingdom is scheduled for a temporary closure this summer as it undergoes refurbishment. This planned maintenance ensures that the ride continues to offer a safe and enjoyable experience for guests.

Refurbishment Dates & Details


August 26th


September 7th

The Jungle Cruise will be closed starting August 26th and is expected to reopen by September 7th. However, the exact duration of the closure may extend beyond this date, as the current schedule only covers up to early September. Regular refurbishments like this are routine at Disney parks to maintain the high standards of their attractions.

Historical Significance

Opening with Walt Disney World in 1971, the Jungle Cruise is the second iteration of the ride, following its original debut at Disneyland park. The attraction also has versions operating at Tokyo Disneyland and Hong Kong Disneyland. Each version offers a unique take on the adventure, but all share the same core elements that have made the Jungle Cruise a favorite among park visitors for decades.

Impact on Guests

While the refurbishment might inconvenience some visitors planning trips during this period, it is essential for maintaining the attraction’s quality and safety. Disney often schedules such refurbishments during off-peak times to minimize disruption. Guests can look forward to an improved experience once the Jungle Cruise reopens.

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