How To Determine How Many DVC Points To Buy

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Once you’ve decided to purchase your Disney Vacation Club contract the next big decision is how many DVC points to buy. This decision should not be considered lightly as too little or too many points can become a frustrating game of borrowing or banking every year. However, keep in mind that owners can always purchase more points in the future if needed. Additionally, you can always rent unused points to make extra money to offset other costs of travel or non-Disney vacations. 

To determine how many DVC points to buy you should consider the following questions:

Where Do I Want To Stay?

One of the first decisions that potential buyers need to make is choosing where they would like to predominantly stay when traveling to Disney. Generally, we recommend choosing your home resort based on the location where you want to stay most often. For more information about choosing your home resort view our article on How To Choose Your DVC Home Resort.

Another important aspect of considering your preferred location is how many points it will cost when you stay at the resort. Each of Disney’s 15 resorts require a different number of points per night, room type and view. While you may be tempted to purchase the minimum number of points to stay at your preferred resort and room type, keep in mind that smaller units with standard views are generally the first to be booked. So it may be best to consider purchasing enough points to stay in a larger unit or one with a preferred view just in case your first choice isn’t available. To review point charts for each of the resorts visit the following link for current resort point charts

How Long And How Often Do I Want To Stay?

Next, potential buyers should consider how many days they will likely travel each year. The longer you stay or the frequency in which you travel to the resort will play a role in how many points you’ll need each year. Yes, borrowing and banking are available options but it is recommended that you consider your travel habits and purchase enough points to book the number of nights you believe you’ll need each year.

What Season Would I Like To Travel?

Disney Vacation Club has split each year into “seasons” based on occupancy rates, crowd calendars, events, etc. Low season is called Adventure Season while high season is Premier season. The 2019 seasons and dates are as follows:

  • Adventure (January 1-31, September 1-30, December 1-14)
  • Choice (October 1-November 26, November 30, December 15-23)
  • Dream (February 1-15, May 1-June 10, August 16-31)
  • Magic (February 16-April 13, April 28-30, June 11-August 15, November 27-29)
  • Premier (April 14-27, December 24-31)

Keep seasons in mind when choosing your DVC point package as higher seasons will require more points per night for your stay.

What Type Of Room Do I Want To Book?

Room type plays another important role in choosing the optimal number of DVC points you’ll need to purchase. Each resort has different room types that range from studios to multi-bedroom bungalows. If you generally travel in groups or have a large family and need to book larger rooms or multiple rooms, be sure to keep this in mind when choosing your point contract. 

Before making a decision on how many DVC points to buy, be sure to take these questions into consideration. 2019 and 2020 Point Charts for all resorts can be viewed on at the following link.

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