How To Celebrate “International Talk Like A Pirate Day” At Disney World

Disney World Captain Hook

September 19th is “International Talk Like A Pirate Day”! At Disney World, there are plenty of ways to celebrate this fun holiday. Whether you are at Disney World today or sometime soon, you can join “sea” what it is like to be a pirate with the following activities.

Sail With Your Crew On Pirates Of The Caribbean

At the Magic Kingdom, you can voyage back to the age of pirates and see a few familiar faces along the way. On this 8 minute boat ride in Adventureland you can see if the pirate’s life is for you as your travel through 17th century West Indies. As you sail the seas, you will encounter waterfalls, canon fights, a village aflame, and audio-animatronics of Jack Sparrow and Captain Barbosa. If you and crew are ready to brave the 7 seas, you surely won’t want to miss this attraction!

Disney World Pirates of The Caribbean
There are 5 movies in the Pirates of the Caribbean film franchise.

Go On A Pirate Scavenger Hunt

Also at Magic Kingdom, there is an opportunity to explore just like a pirate! A Pirate’s Adventure ~ Treasures of the Seven Seas is an interactive and free experience located in Adventureland. If you are up for the challenge, you will need to venture to The Crow’s Nest where you can use your MagicBand or ticket to get a talisman. This will allow you to read the secret map that will lead you to some treasure. There are five, 20-minute missions in this adventure that each lead to collectible card. This swashbuckling experience is great if you frequent the parks and are looking for something new to do!

A Pirate's Adventure ~ Treasures of the Seven Seas
The Crow’s Nest for A Pirate’s Adventure ~ Treasures of the Seven Seas is located in Adventureland near the entrance to Frontierland (Photo: Disney).

Have A Pirate-Themed Photo Shoot

At Disney World, taking pictures is making memories and International Talk Like A Pirate Day is no exception! If you want to capture the pirate spirit in a photo, there are opportunities to do so at Magic Kingdom and Disney Springs. Look for PhotoPass Photographers in Adventureland at Magic Kingdom for a Magic Shot photo where you get to hold a pirate ship in bottle. At Disney Springs, head to the PhotoPass Studio to put yourself right in the middle of an iconic Pirates of the Caribbean scene! Don’t miss these pirate photo-ops, especially if you have memory maker!

Disney World PhotoPass Pirates Photos
Magic Kingdom Magic Shot and Disney Springs PhotoPass Studio Pirates Photo (Photo: Disney).

Fly With Peter Pan On A Pirate Ship

While Pirates of the Caribbean is the Disney attraction most associate with pirates, there is another ride features pirates: Peter Pan’s Flight. This Fantasyland attraction is a little bit more suited for the whole family as it is not as dark and does not feature any surprise drops. To fly over Neverland, you will board your own pixie dusted pirate ship. During this flight, you see Captain Hook, Smee, and Tick-Tock Croc. At the end of your journey, you will see Hook’s pirate ship with a new crew of Lost Boys and Darling children lead by their Captain, Peter Pan.

Peter Pan's Flight Attraction
Peter Pan’s Flight is across from “it’s a small world” in Fantasyland.

How “aaaargh” you going to celebrate “International Talk Like A Pirate Day”? Let us know in the comments!

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