How Do DVC Rentals Work?

Rent points to stay at DVC Beach Club Villas

If you’ve been thinking about a trip to Disney World, you may be interested in how DVC Rentals work. Disney Vacation Club isn’t only accessible to members of the program. In fact, anyone can enjoy the beautiful resorts and impeccable service that DVC offers by renting DVC points.

As a non member of DVC you won’t be renting points from Disney directly, but instead from DVC owners themselves. Keep reading to find out how DVC rentals work and how you can use them to plan your next Disney vacation.

How Do DVC Rentals Work?

The concept of DVC rentals is quite simple. As a non owner you can rent points from a DVC owner to book your stay at a DVC Resort. But how do you go about renting points from an owner? Since this is a financial transaction, it is recommended that you use a DVC Rental company, like DVC Shop Rentals, to assist you in renting DVC points and booking your perfect Disney vacation.

Working with a DVC Rental company ensures that the rental transaction, transfer of funds and booking of your vacation rental is handled smoothly and efficiently. With DVC Shop Rentals you  can book a DVC rental in two ways: through a custom reservation or through an immediate Confirmed Reservation.

What are DVC Shop Confirmed Reservations?

From time to time, DVC owners book reservations that they cannot use. When this happens they contact DVC Shop Rentals to rent their reservation to another party who may be interested in their specific reservation.

Booking a DVC Shop Confirmed Reservation offers several terrific advantages.

Immediate Booking

Since these reservations are already booked, you don’t need to wonder if the dates or room type are available. Simply search the available confirmed reservations and book it immediately online.

Substantial Savings

Confirmed Reservations are sometimes offered at significantly discounted rates as the pricing is set by the owner. Therefore if a DVC owner needs to rent their reservation quickly or at the last minute, a renter may be able to benefit from even lower than usual pricing.

Sold Out Dates and Popular Rooms Types

Confirmed Reservations are often booked far in advance by the DVC owner and therefore you may find reservations for dates or room types that may otherwise be sold out.

Booking a Custom DVC Shop Rental

If you don’t find what you’re looking for in the DVC Shop Confirmed Reservations, you can request a custom reservation.

To book a custom vacation rental follow these steps:

  1. Consider the dates you’d like to travel, the DVC resort you’d prefer to stay in, and if you have any preferences, such as a specific room type or view.
  2. Complete a Rental Request Form and submit it to DVC Shop Rentals. Once your form is received, the rentals team will search availability for your dates and an owner with the points needed to book your stay.
  3. Pay a deposit (or full rental amount, depending on your check-in date) and book your vacation!
  4. DVC Shop Rentals will take care of the rest by coordinating with the DVC owner to book and confirm your stay.

See more about booking a custom DVC Shop Rental here.

How Much Will Your DVC Rental Cost?

DVC Rental pricing through DVC Shop Rentals varies based on resort and when you’re planning to travel. Points for custom reservations are generally rented for between $18 and $22 per point. Use the DVC Shop point calculator to see how many points you’ll need for your reservation. DVC Shop Rentals current promotions offer even further discounts on rentals with offers from $16 per point.

DVC Shop Confirmed Reservations are rented for the price listed on the reservation. These prices are set by the owner of the reservation and are often offer substantial savings. Promotional offers do not apply to Confirmed Reservations.

What Do You Get When You Book a DVC Rental?

The great thing about renting DVC points for your stay is that you’ll get Deluxe Disney accommodations at a fraction of the cost. As a renter, you’ll be a guest like everyone else, with access to the resort’s amenities, activities, restaurants, and more. Note that select DVC member perks are not available to DVC renters.

Are you ready to book a DVC Rental and save hundreds on your next Disney vacation? Get started below.

Katherine Rand

DVC Shop Editorial Team

2 comments on “How Do DVC Rentals Work?

  1. If you do a rental through Aulani, do they require you do a timeshare presentation when you get there? What do they offer as incentive to participate in the presentation?

    1. Hi Maggie,
      No, if you book a rental through DVC Shop it is a private transaction with a DVC Owner and you will NOT be required to participate in any type of presentation at the resort. You will get to enjoy every minute of your stay just as you’d like! There may be presentations available at the resort for guests that you are welcome to join if you choose. You would have to check with them when you arrive to see if there is any type of incentive for joining.

      Feel free to contact our DVC Shop Rentals team to start searching for your perfect Aulani vacation or check our available reservations for an immediate online booking.

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