Harmonious Barges Now Completely Removed From World Showcase Lagoon

Harmonious Barges Now Completely Removed

The iconic World Showcase Lagoon at EPCOT has recently undergone a major transformation, with the removal of the massive Harmonious barges that have been visible on the water since before the nighttime show debuted. The barges, which were used during the nighttime spectacular “Harmonious,” have now been fully removed from the lagoon, returning the lagoon to its former beauty.

While Harmonious was a technical feat of engineering, and even introduced the breathtaking Harmonious Live! that was hosted by Idina Menzel on Disney+, many guests didn’t enjoy of the unsightly nature of the large black barges that were required to run the show. When Disney announced that EPCOT Forever would be returning, we knew these barge’s days were numbered.

Barges Removed From My Disney Experience App
Barges Removed From My Disney Experience App

Disney also signaled their intent to remove the barges by removing them from the My Disney Experience app’s maps of EPCOT.

Harmonious Barges Removed
Small platforms are still present in the lagoon, but the massive barges have cleared the sightline across the World Showcase

We previously reported that Disney had positioned large cranes just outside of the park, which would be used to hoist the barges out of place, but now it seems that process is complete. Now, Harmonious joins a long list of retired Disney memories that future generations will read about, but never experience in person. Add one more item to the “back in my day” Disney list!

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