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Disney H20

Disney is known for their signature scents; each resort, attraction, simply every where in Disney has a scent that brings you to a magical place. If you have ever stayed on a Disney property or was aboard on a Disney Cruise Line, chances are you used Disney’s H2O+ products and know the fresh smell that makes you feel like you are officially on vacation! For me and my family, this smell signifies “We made it to our happy place!” For the past 16 years H2O+ have been featured on Disney resorts, along with being sold by Disney, making everyone feel right at home. News has recently come out that the company is retiring the brand at the end of this 2022 year. Let’s learn a little about this big change at Disney and we will fill you in on all that we know!

Disney H20+

H2O+’s Statement

If you haven’t seen this heartbreaking but also sweet message from the company, be sure to read:

After 30+ amazing years of innovation and helping people look and feel their best in their skin, we have made the very difficult decision to retire the brans at the end of the year. We’ve put everything we have into delivering exceptional products for YOU, our beloved customers, and looking back over the past three decades we feel tremendous pride for what we have accomplished. It’s now time to step aside and make room for the new beauty creators wanting to disrupt the industry, just like we set out to do (and did) with our revolutionary water technology. Thank you for your support throughout the years, and even more for allowing us to be a very small part of your daily routine.

I’m not crying, you’re crying! What a sincere and sweet message from the company that has made us feel at home when we are at our most magical place on earth.

A Little History

Back in 2006 is when Disney began their partnership with H2O+. It started with shampoos, lotions and soaps from the brand which was located in resort rooms and cruise line cabins. Throughout the years it spread to  all of Disneyland, Disney World, Aulani, Hawaii and all of the cruise line ships. For Disney’s 50th anniversary the brand created a limited travel kit of the Sea Marine and Sea Salt so you could bring the comfort of your Disney vacation home with you!

Stock Up Now!

H2O+ has officially stopped production and no longer taking new orders. The company is selling their remaining stock on Amazon, so if you are a fan buy them up now! Their website states all products will be gone by September 30th. Their website is actually suspended at the moment and directs you to Amazon, so skip that step if you are in a  hurry and rush over to Amazon to scoop up the last of these beloved products! Also, they are still being sold on ShopDisney and currently 30% off!

packaged goods
Look for H20+ on ShopDisney while supplies last (Photo: Disney).

When Will It Leave Disney?

If you are worried you missed you chance to get one more round of these products when you stay on property, do not worry just yet. A Disney spokesperson has come out to assure that there will not be any immediate change to the products we know and love on Disney properties and cruise lines. We are sure Disney has a large inventory and we will still be able to enjoy these wonderfully smelling products on our next Disney vacation for a little while longer!

Disney Resort H20+ Toiletry Set 2022 Walt Disney World set of 5
Disney Resort H20+ Toiletry Set 2022 Walt Disney World set of 5

This is a big change at Disney, we will all miss the beloved and sweet smelling products of H2O+. Those products have been a staple to so many of our Disney vacations. Sixteen years is a long time, so I am sure we are all on the edge of our seats to find out the new products that will be used next, although it sounds like we have some time before that happens. So if you are going to Disney soon, be sure to soak up the suds and lotions of your beloved H2o+ products!

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Erin Bonsall

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Erin is mom of 4 little boys and a pre-school teacher, from outside of Charlotte, NC. She remembers one magical Disney trip at a young age, but having children made her want to bring her own kids to the happiest place on earth! One trip 7 years ago started a love for everything Disney! Now her family visits Disney World as much as possible and it is their favorite place to make magical memories!

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