Forgot To Bank Your DVC Points? Read This Before You Lose Them!

Forgot To Bank Your DVC Points?

This year has been a roller coaster for many of us. Due to the impending pandemic that has swept the country and the rest of the world, even some of the most diligent DVC owners have forgotten to bank their points before their banking deadlines. If you fall into this category, first, don’t beat yourself up. There have been so many things to think about and keep track of this year that it is understandable that you may have missed your deadline. Second, if you forgot to bank your points, read this before you lose them completely.

Banking Deadlines

Before we move on to the options you have for your DVC points, let’s review the banking deadlines. See the Banking Deadlines Chart below. 

Use Year 100% 0%
February September 30 October 1 – January 31
March October 31 November 1 – February 28*
April November 30 December 1 – March 31
June January 31 February 1 – May 31
August March 31 April 1 – July 31
September April 30 May 1 – August 31
October May 31 June 1 – September 30
December July 31 August 1 – November 30
* During leap years, the 0% banking window will extend to February 29

Your Options

Now that you know your banking deadline, if you’ve definitely missed yours, here are some options for your DVC points. 

Option 1 – Rent Your Points

Many owners aren’t aware that they can simply rent their unused points to another family interested in taking a DVC Deluxe Vacation. To rent your points we recommend working with a DVC rental agency like DVC Shop Rentals to locate a renter for you.

DVC Shop Rentals will advertise your points or confirmed reservation(s), locate a buyer and act as the liaison between you and your renter. We’ll ensure that the entire rental transaction from beginning to end is smooth and you are paid within a timely manner for your points. 

As the DVC owner, you can opt to rent all your unused points, any portion of your points or a reservation that you’ve already booked and cannot use. 

Contact DVC Shop Rentals today to get started with renting your unused DVC points or booked reservation.

Option 2 – Transfer Your Points To RCI

While this may not be the most popular option for your unused points, you do have the option to transfer any unused points to RCI. Once transferred into RCI, you’ll be able to use your points within the RCI network of resorts. There are thousands of resorts that are part of the RCI exchange program so you’ll surely be able to find something at a later date to book with your points. 

Option 3 – Book A Disney Cruise

One of the least cost effective options, booking a cruise with your DVC points is still a viable way to go if you’ve run out of time and need to use your points asap. Each DVC point is worth ___ when booking a Disney cruise, which is the reason that many DVC owners forgo this option all together. But if you’ve been longing to sail the high seas and you need to use your points, why not use them for a luxurious Disney Cruise Vacation?

To learn more about booking a cruise with your DVC points, click here.

Option 4 – A Possible Exception 

Disney has been known to make exceptions for owners from time to time in regard to banking their points. If you have recently dealt with an unforeseen hardship, Disney may be willing to grant you a one-time exception and allow you to bank your points after the deadline. Please keep in mind that this is in no way a guarantee of this being an option. This year has been extremely difficult for DVC owners and Disney alike and therefore DVC may not be able to assist you if you’ve passed your banking deadline. 

DVC Shop Editorial Team

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