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Disney How Magical It Really Is

Thank you to everyone who participated in our DVC Shop Kids Blog Contest. Our team enjoyed reading each and every one of the articles submitted by these talented children. We hope you enjoy reading these wonderful articles as much as we did.

Trust me, your kids will thank you!

by Sarah, Age 14

DVC Shop Disney Kids Blog Contest

When I was in second grade, my parents took my sister and I to Disney for the first time. My sister was in first grade and they thought we would finally be old enough to remember the experience. At the time, they didn’t realize just how much that vacation would change our lives. My dad was unlike I have ever seen him before. He was like a little kid, it was the funniest thing to watch! When we came home he said he missed it so much. We never thought he would say that, but even weeks later, he kept saying how much he wished he could be back there.

My uncle had just bought a DVC and immediately tried to tell my parents to consider it too. But my parents overthink EVERYTHING and weren’t ready to take the plunge. After seeing happy pictures of my uncle’s family going to Disney once or twice a year, my parents realized just how much our own family would benefit from it ourselves and the next thing I knew, we were a DVC family!

My parents work A LOT but when we go to Disney, it’s like they can leave it all behind and be kids again. The resorts we stay at are unbelievable and they say we NEVER could’ve stayed at resorts like this if we weren’t DVC. I am SO thankful that we know we have family time every year now. And even someday, when we are off to college, I know my parents will be able to be kids and still go (though I will be sad I’m not there)!
I am thankful my parents bought the DVC for us, but for themselves too. We even talk about how someday my sister and I will get to show our own kids the magic they showed us as kids! But first, we hope we can have our own Disney Fantasy Weddings there!!

If you aren’t sure you should get a DVC, just do it! Your kids will thank you!

How Magical It Really Is

by Sydney, Age 17

Disney How Magical It Really Is

Many people believe Disney is the most magical, and happy place on earth. Well all those people are exactly right. As the child of disney fanatics i’ve been there quite a few times and definitely know my way around the place, along with all the tips and tricks. One year ago around this time of year I went on my most magical trip ever. My high school band and choir went to disney world. This may not seem like a big deal to the average person but my school has roughly 300 kids in its k-12. This trip meant a lot to almost everyone who went on it, as we found out the same year our school was closing permanently. Once finding this information out many of us wanted to go on this trip, it was our first and last opportunity to do this. Those who had the funds for the trip went, but some weren’t as fortunate. Realizing this we did everything we could to get everyone to be able to go, from go fund me to fundraisers we did everything and when the trip came almost everyone was able to go. This means a lot to me because many of the kids who went on this trip will never go again in their lifetimes. The disney staff was amazing as always and accommodated us perfectly. I could never repeat those perfect memories, and I will never have a chance to try to. I’m so grateful and blessed to have enjoyed the pure magic of disney through the opportunity my small school somehow got. I think everyone should go to disney at least once in their lifetime.


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