DVC Shop Disney Trivia Contest Extended Through February


Have you participated in the DVC Shop Daily Disney trivia contest? From January 8 through January 31, DVC Shop ran a trivia contest and giveaway to test the knowledge of our viewers. Each day we select one winner from the entries that answered the daily trivia question correctly. The daily winner receives a $25 Disney E-Gift Card!

With a total of over 2900 entries in the month of January, our the DVC Shop Daily Disney Trivia contest was so popular that we’ve decided to extend it through the month of February! That’s right, you have another 28 days to enter to win a $25 Disney gift card!

Entering the contest is simple. Every day a new trivia question is posted on the DVC Shop Promotions page. Simply answer the question correctly and you’re automatically entered into the drawing. Winners are announced the following day on the promotions page.

Don’t miss your chance to win a $25 Disney gift card. Enter our trivia contest today and you might just be our next winner.

Do you love Disney trivia? See January’s Disney trivia questions below along with the daily winners. If you see your name below but haven’t received your prize, email us now at info@dvcshop.com.

January 8
Q. What was the first Disney Vacation Club property to open?
A. Disney’s Old Key West Resort
Winner: Gary Ackley

January 9
Q. On what day in 1971 did Walt Disney World officially open?
A. October 1
Winner: Sarah Cummings

January 10
Q. Which two resorts opened the same day and year as Walt Disney World?
A. Disney’s Contemporary and Polynesian Resorts
Winner: Heather Moran

January 11
Q. Which Disney Park originally opened on Earth Day, April 22?
A. Disney’s Animal Kingdom
Winner: Kelly Bebee

January 12
Q. Which Disney Resort hotel is themed after the Pacific Northwest?
A. Disney’s Wilderness Lodge
Winner: Daniel Sloan

January 13
Q. How many symbols of ghosts (including physical ghosts, skeletons on the wallpaper, gravestones, etc.) can one find in The Haunted Mansion ride?
A. 999
Winner: Cassie Barnett

January 14
Q. Which Disney park is celebrating its 32nd birthday in May 2021?
A. Disney’s Hollywood Studios
Winner: Kenneth Wong

January 15
Q. What month of year does EPCOT usually not have any festivals?
A. July
Winner: Celia Martin

January 16
Q. How many Disney Vacation Club resorts are located at the Disneyland Resort in California?
A. 1, Disney’s Grand Californian
Winner: Sarah Burkart

January 17
Q. Which land at a Disney World park has had the largest expansion to date?
A. Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Hollywood Studios
Winner: Sara Squires

January 18
Q. Which Disney park is rumored to have a system of tunnels underneath it?
A. Disney’s Magic Kingdom
Winner: Justina Fox

January 19
Q. Which of the following Disneyland opening day attractions predates the park by over 30 years?
A. King Arthur Carrousel
Winner: Scott Stueber

January 20
Q. In the original park design, what was the name of the land that is now known as Pandora: The World of Avatar?
A. Beastly Kingdom
Winner: Phoebe Horn

January 21
Q. How many Disney theme parks are there around the world?
A. 12
Winner: Christine McNair

January 22
Q. Which Disney World attraction has the tallest height requirement?
A. Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster
Winner: Melanie Lynch

January 23
Q. At EPCOT’s Club Cool, the non-carbonated drink VegitaBeta came from which country?
A. Japan
Winner: Georgia Koenig

January 24
Q. Which is the largest theme park (by acres) at Walt Disney World?
A. Animal Kingdom
Winner: Jayson Reynon

January 25
Q. Which Disney Park attraction debuted the very first trackless ride system?
A. Pooh’s Hunny Hunt, Tokyo Disneyland
Winner: Tetuaria Mahaa

January 26
Q. What was the name of Disney World’s first water park?
A. Disney’s River Country
Winner: Bradford Wagner

January 27
Q. What year did the International Food & Wine Festival debut at EPCOT?
A. 1996
Winner: Alyson Parsons

January 28
Q. When Magic Kingdom opened in 1971, what was the cost of a park ticket?
A. $3.50
Winner: Giovaldy Alvarado

January 29
Q. What company sponsored Disney’s Carousel of Progress from its original opening at the 1964 World’s Fair up until 1985?
A. General Electric
Winner: Susan Allen

January 30
Q. How many stores are there currently at Disney Springs?
A. 99
Winner: Lindsay Rice

January 31
Q. What is the oldest Disney Princess movie?
A. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Winner: Myrlande St Vil

Remember, you can enter the Daily Disney Trivia contest every day for a chance to win. Answer today’s trivia now!

DVC Shop Editorial Team

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