DVC Shop Announces Winners of Local Hero Promotion

Thank a local hero promotion

The results from the DVC Shop Local Hero promotion are in. From mid-May to mid-June the team at DVC Shop ran a promotional contest to honor everyday local heroes. We asked our customers and website visitors to nominate someone they feel is a local hero to win an exclusive DVC Shop discount. The winner of the local hero contest would receive 10% off of a DVC Shop Vacation Rental or 5% off a DVC Shop Resale purchase. 

Those who nominated a local hero were asked to describe their nominee and tell us why they chose to nominate this person. The DVC Shop team was inspired by the stories that were submitted.

Most often when we hear the term “hero” we think of masked crusaders fighting crime or possibly millionaires donating large sums of money for a philanthropic cause. But during the current pandemic, many of us have witnessed the actions of local heroes on a daily basis. Whether it be nurses and doctors working 12+ hour shifts, food service workers who continue to work tirelessly to supply us with daily necessities, or mothers and fathers tasked with teaching their kids at home while also working full-time jobs. 

Our Local Hero contest received 9 nominations. Each nomination told a story of an individual that has prioritized the health and welfare of others before their own. The nominees included a mother who works so hard day and night while still finding time to spend with her young son but doesn’t have time for a vacation. A war veteran that had to cancel his 90th birthday celebration at Disney World due to the virus and park closures. A nurse and mother who risks her health everyday to work at the hospital but still manages to help her neighbors during their time of need. A fire chief who contracted the coronavirus and returned to work as soon as he was healthy enough to get back to saving the lives of others. A doctor working nights to keep her patients safe and healthy during these uncertain times. A mother, who despite various challenges has worn the many hats of a homeschool teacher, homemaker and mother. A father, firefighter and EMT who volunteers with Emergency Services during his free time to keep his community safe. A nurse who tirelessly works on the frontlines helping her patients fight the coronavirus but had to cancel her first trip “Home” due to the pandemic. And a patient transporter bringing COVID-19 patients to facilities that can better care for them. 

These are 9 stories of people living among us, working and fighting everyday to keep their families and their communities safe. Upon reading these inspirational stories, the DVC Shop team felt both honored and humbled by the strength and courage that these nominees exhibit. Therefore, DVC Shop has decided that each one of the nominees of our Local Hero contest deserve to win the exclusive promotional discount.

Thank you to all the local hero nominees and their loved ones who nominated them for this special promotion. Congratulations from the DVC Shop team. We look forward to helping you build your next magical Disney Vacation.

Our Local Hero Winners:

  • Bridget D., nominated by Christopher M.
  • Frank F., nominated by Lisa F.
  • Suzanne H., nominated by Bonnie D.
  • Brent H., nominated by Allison H.
  • Ken S., nominated by Kayla S.
  • Peggy C., nominated by Tom C.
  • Steven A., nominated by Wendy A.
  • Elizabeth M., nominated by Kurt M.
  • Gabrielle G., nominated by Vianney L.

Each nominee has been contacted directly with their prize details.

Katherine Rand

DVC Shop Editorial Team

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