Announcement: DVC Shop Sponsors Monorail Tales Disney Fan Podcast

DVC Shop sponsors Monorail Tales Podcast

At DVC Shop we’re always looking for fun and creative ways to connect with Disney fans around the globe. Today, we’re excited to announce a new sponsorship agreement with Disney fan podcast, Monorail Tales.

Monorail Tales is a Disney fan podcast which focuses on hosting conversations about Disney parks, resorts, movies, and news. The group has been recording podcasts since 2017 and aims to provide listeners with insightful and entertaining information and opinions about all things Disney. The Monorail Tales podcast consists of 8 co-hosts who work hard to keep their listeners up to date with all the latest Disney news through varied formats such as interviews, Disney trivia games, Q&A sessions, and reviews.

On July 22, Bee Thaxton, DVC Shop’s principal broker and resident Disney expert, joined the team of Monorail Tales for a special episode of their show. During the show they discussed the DVC program, membership, benefits and more. This special DVC 101 episode was so popular amongst Monorail Tales’ listeners that DVC Shop and Monorail Tales have decided to continue this collaboration with more DVC-themed episodes featuring Bee.

During their first collaborative podcast, Bee spoke with co-hosts Sheila and Ric and provided them and their listeners with an overview of the Disney Vacation Club (DVC) membership program and its benefits along with expert advice on how to best use DVC and who could benefit from becoming a member.

Anyone interested in listening to the July 22 podcast can do so at

Now that DVC Shop is sponsoring Monorail Tales, Bee will join the podcast’s hosts periodically to discuss hot topics related to DVC. Bee, a DVC member and a huge Disney fan herself, will be able to answer questions from DVC members, potential members and non members to help everyone better understand the DVC program. She’ll also share helpful tips and tricks, review resorts, discuss DVC’s features and benefits, and more.

Monorail Tales podcasts featuring Bee Thaxton can be found on the DVC Shop Resales Facebook page at, the Monorail Tales Apple Podcast channel at, and

Be sure to follow us on Facebook to be sure to catch the next Monorail Tales episode featuring Bee Thaxton.

Katherine Rand

DVC Shop Editorial Team

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